Giorgio Iovino

Giorgio Iovino

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First Name * Giorgio
Last Name * Iovino
Username * gilgaladstudio
Country * Italy
City Roma
Nationality italian
Languages EnglishItalian


Current Position Matte Painter
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingVFXillustration
Preferred Tools PhotoshopPainterAfter EffectVue


Availability: Freelance


Giorgio Iovino is a visual effect artist focusing on environment illustrations, digital matte-paintings and concept art for film, commercials, and entertainment media.

While most of the time he works as a freelancer, he can also relocate to your studio area on mid-term and long-term projects.

Don't hesitate to contact him for any question related to his work and availability.


- Matte Painting
- Concept Art
- Visual Development
- Production Illustration
- Key art Illustration
- Environment Design
- Production design ( Story artist - layout - animatic)